Sticks & Stones

by Lew French
Photography by Alison Shaw
Hardcover. 9.5" x 11.5", 160 pages

Master stonemason Lew French's second coffee-table book, full of his trademark creations with stone and driftwood. Includes his own retreat home in the mountain rainforest of Brazil.

Kale, Glorious Kale

By Cathy Walthers
Photography by Alison Shaw
Softcover. 8x8”, 218 pages

This cookbook is the gateway to the greatest green superfood we have. In addition to its health benefits, kale also tastes great, especially when its part of these delicious and inventive recipes from Catherine Walthers.

Morning Glory's Farm Food

By Gabrielle Redner
Photography by Alison Shaw
Paperback. 9x9”, 208 pages

The second book on Island favorite Morning Glory Farm brings you stories about how the local foods you love are grown, and gives you recipes by chef Robert Lionette straight from the farm kitchen.

Harbor View:
The Hotel that Saved a Town

By Nis Kildegaard
Photography by Alison Shaw
Hardcover. 10x11�, 152 pages

The story of how the Harbor View Hotel transformed the town of Edgartown from a poverty-stricken community to a thriving hospitality community. Today the 125-year-old Harbor View is the largest hotel on Martha’s Vineyard, and is a popular resort for summer visitors and a part of the year-round Vineyard.

Some Kind Of Lucky

By Joan Cowen Bowman
Photography by Alison Shaw
Hardcover. 8x8”, 108 pages

Joan Bowman's fifty-year tale is a story that includes joy and sadness, crisis and calm, enchantment and danger. Running through all the chapters is the Island of Martha's Vineyard.

The Chappy Ferry Book

by Tom Dunlop
Photography by Alison Shaw
Paperback. 9" x 9", 128 pages

The story of the Chappaquiddick ferry, which travels only 527 feet between two islands, is a history that is nestled into the lifeblood of Martha’s Vineyard, and has been continually marked by drama and hijinks. 

To the Harbor Light

by Brenda Horrigan
Photography by Alison Shaw
Paperback. 6" x 9", 96 pages

Lay this book on your coffee table or toss it into your backpack to use as a guide when you go off to discover the joys of lighthouse viewing. Seen through Alison’s lens, the lighthouses take on a life of their own.

Gourmet Gifts

by Dinah Corley
Photography by Alison Shaw
Paperback. 9" x 8", 306 pages

One hundred terrific and original recipes, each paired with an exquisitely crafted and eye-catching wrap or container, make for a lifetime of splendid homemade food gifts for any occasion large or small.

Photographing Martha’s Vineyard

by Alison Shaw
Paperback. 7.25" x 9", 112 pages

Whether it's ocean vistas, seashells, shore life, or quaint village life that excites the photographer in you, you'll find plenty of tips and inspiration in this thoroughly informative guide.

Martha's Vineyard Tile

by Shelley Christiansen
Photography by Alison Shaw
Hardcover. 10.25" x 11.25", 192 pages

A beautiful coffee-table book that takes a peek at the tile work in Island homes,
and celebrates Vineyard artisans and Vineyard style.

Soups + Sides

by Catherine Walthers
Photography by Alison Shaw
Paperback. 8.25" x 8.25", 207 pages

Offers a wide variety of inventive soup and side pairings. It will inspire you to think beyond your favorite grilled cheese and tomato soup combo.


by Tom Dunlop
Photography by Alison Shaw
Hardcover. 9.25" x 11.25", 160 pages

The dramatic and beautiful telling in words and photos of how a wooden schooner joins the past with the present through the dedication of master craftsmen.

Morning Glory Farm

by Tom Dunlop
Photography by Alison Shaw
Paperback. 9" x 9", 156 pages

A beautiful and evocative look at a family farm, along with 70 favorite Martha’s Vineyard recipes. Winner of Gourmand Awards first place in the “Local Cuisine Cookbook” category in the US 2009.

Raising the Salad Bar

by Catherine Walthers
Photography by Alison Shaw
Paperback. 8.25" x 8.25", 272 pages

50,000 COPIES SOLD! Illustrated with luscious photographs and chock-full of inventive salad ideas to suit every taste, this is the only salad cookbook you’ll ever need.

Stone by Design

by Lew French
Photography by Alison Shaw
Hardcover. 9.5" x 11.5", 160 pages

A stunning tribute to the work of island stonemason Lew French and his unique vision and craft. This coffee table book celebrates both the function and form of stone.

Finding Martha's Vineyard

by Jill Nelson
Portraits by Alison Shaw

A celebration of this magical island through the voices, photographs, remembrances and recipes of African Americans who call the Vineyard home. Illustrated with black-and-white portraits by Alison.

Vineyard Harvest

by Tina Miller
Photography by Alison Shaw

Inspiring recipes from island chef Tina Miller, illustrated with Alison's mouthwatering photos.

Until I Saw the Sea

Photography by Alison Shaw

A collection of seashore poems for children, from traditional nursery rhymes to contemporary verse, illustrated with colorful, seaside photos.

Vineyard Summer

Photography by Alison Shaw
Foreword by Richard Reston

A summer vacation in book form — page after page of beautiful color photographs that capture the light, the colors, the mood of summer on Martha's Vineyard.

Remembrance and Light

by Henry Beetle Hough, Foreword by James B. Reston
Photography by Alison Shaw

Alison's first book is a collection of black & white photos of Martha's Vineyard. The images are coupled with essays by the late Henry Beetle Hough.